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It’s been too long…

Wow!  It’s been nearly six months since my last post, and I can’t believe how much harder it’s been to get back here with a post than I had initially anticipated.  So much has happened in that time.  I’ve passed my one year mark in my position here at Interline Brands, and it’s been a fantastic journey so far!  I’m so excited to have wrapped up a phenomenal first year and look forward to even greater challenges and opportunities in the year ahead.  Among those are the completion of my first mobile analytics implementation and the unveiling of a couple of dashboards I’ve built using Adobe Report Builder.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting some of the incredible work I’ve been able to accomplish over this last year and will outline some of the great, new initiatives ahead.  I’m also committing to do my best to create at least  one new post a week (a lofty goal I know…), so please stay tuned for new content!

Thanks for stopping by!

– RF

General Posts

My First Post: A recap and a look at what’s to come…

It’s been just over six months since I reentered the world of Web Analytics, and I could not possibly be any happier! I’ve learned so much in so little time, already adding an incredible number of invaluable new skills to my arsenal. When I first came on board, I had very little exposure to Adobe Analytics. My previous experience had been with companies that ran Coremetrics shops. After six months, I’m still finding that I learn something new every single day!

From integrating Adobe Analytics with Adobe Target (A4T) and SilverPop (via Data Connectors) to administering and utilizing DTM to create rules using custom code, I’m learning more than I could have thought possible in such a short time. From utilizing Report Builder, Analysis Workspace and AdHoc Analysis to create and schedule complex reports to helping to launch our company’s first online product recommendations, needless to say the learning curve has been extremely high. I’m looking forward to continuing to grow and learn as much as I can in this role and beyond.

I hope to use this site as a sounding board for my experiences and to, hopefully, offer some guidance to others who – like me – are passionate about web analytics. Future posts will include examples of problems I’ve solved, as well as tips and best practices for getting the most out of your web analytics implementation.

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